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My ambition with love, journalism is to write about and speak with fellow journalists —current and former — about why they got into this business in the first place, explore stories where they handled adversity, discuss the work they’re most proud of and perhaps along the way inspire new passion projects like this one here.

We’ll also talk about where journalism is headed in these turbulent times and tap into both newsmakers and news consumers, which if you’ve read this far you probably are one or both.

You can read more from my first installment of love, journalism, which published on Valentine’s Day, 2023.

love, journalism
Off the cycle
WASHINGTON DC — Losing my last job in journalism a few days before Election Day 2022 came as a shock, but it’s had a productive upside too: My first significant break in 22 years from the daily demands of deadlines. Don’t get me wrong, I started looking right away for full-time employment in reporting and editing. Along the way, though, new possibiliti…
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About Darren

I’m an award-winning reporter and editor who has covered the most powerful and important institutions in the United States. 

My many beats, projects and missions have taken me into the middle of the most contentious battles defining the early 21st century, from climate change to election interference and the Trump presidency. I'm an expert on the Clean Air Act and many more policy topics, including infrastructure, cybersecurity, sexual assault in the military, presidential impeachments and the Mueller special counsel investigation

I’ve been tapped by some of the most savvy digital media companies in the US to help them launch big new things: E&ETV’s On Point, E&E News PM edition and ClimateWire, plus Politico Pro, The Agenda, Insider’s Washington DC bureau and The Messenger. I’m now the Congress & Campaigns editor at USA TODAY.

My work has inspired late night comedy bits for Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Saturday Night Live. My life once got turned into a graphic novel. Rudy Giuliani also butt dialed me.

I graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and grew up splitting time between South Florida and Chicago. I’m a former golf caddy, taxi driver, English teacher in Japan, Baskin Robbins scooper and Chuck E. Cheese (yes, I danced in the rat costume). I also wrote a humor column for my high school newspaper, The Lariat, waging a three-year campaign for prom king — and won.

You can read some of my career highlights on my personal website:

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love, journalism is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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Author of love, journalism; Senior editor, The Messenger; proud alumni of Insider, Politico, E&E News, The Olympian and the Columbia Missourian.