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I wrote a story about an avant-garde filmmaker in a Newspaper in Tokyo in the mid90s. I saw it posted on the wall in the cinema/film center where it was screening and was super happy. 😀

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Back in the “90/s I was covering local news in SW Florida (Sanibel/Captiva/Fort Myers Beach mostly) and if we needed a mugshot of a local arrest we had to drive to the Lee County courthouse in downtown Fort Myers where they would give us a wallet-size print with a tiny piece of scotch tape placed on top. We took the print outside to (wait for it) re-photograph it in natural light and then process in our own darkroom. I would tape it vertically on a trashcan to get the correct angle. And one day, while totally concentrating on taking a pix of a pix of a perp, a guy walking by stops and says, “Boy he must’ve really sone something awful to you.”

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