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Episode 2: Khambrel Marshall shares his favorite stories about Shula, Ashe & The Champ

Episode 2: Khambrel Marshall shares his favorite stories about Shula, Ashe & The Champ

Plus dropping a perfect Marino pass and advising Ernie Banks on schools

Cue up the Miami Vice theme song for this one.

I’m a South Florida native and sports nut, so I couldn’t resist quizzing local TV journalist Khambrel Marshall about his time in the mid-1980s working as my hometown’s sportscaster for the local ABC station during his recent visit to The love, journalism Show studio.

Marshall delivered with stories about covering the University of Miami football team amid its decade of dominance and the Dan Marino-led Dolphins in the seasons following their loss in Super Bowl XIX.

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The author (left) and local TV newsman Khambrel Marshall.

In this bonus podcast edition of The love, journalism Show, listen as Marshall, now a meteorologist for Houston’s NBC station, explains why he wears a bow tie and recounts dropping a pass from Marino that landed right in his hands plus hanging out at the home of Don Shula with his entire family.

“Remember The Godfather when he's out there chasing around his kid in the garden and whatnot? That's what it was like,” Marshall said of Shula. “But nobody ever saw that.”

Marshall dished up several other stellar sports stories too, including how tennis great Arthur Ashe helped land him a job doing pay-per-view boxing for HBO, when Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks asked for advice about where to send his kids to school and posing for a photo with Muhammad Ali.

“Who does that?” Marshall said. “I'm just so blessed to have done this. That's why I love this business like I do. Whether it be sports or journalism, it just fits in exactly with what you're doing, talking about love, journalism.”

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